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Mostly stuff I like - which consists of vinyl toys, shoes, Batman, Marvel and DC tings. I'm a cake and cheeseburger fiend. Nothing remotely witty though.

Oh, and my name's Nia, 50% Egyptian 50% Tongan.

I work in development... its not as sexy as the UN makes it out to be, its actually quite annoying.


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Huck Gee’s “Copter Girl” custom Munny.

Toitoy X Puma custom show

This year Snog have teamed up with Kidrobot to bring you an exciting range of limited edition Kidrobot art toys especially selected for them. Established in 2002 by designer Paul Budnitz, Kidrobot has achieved worldwide recognition as the world’s premier creator of limited edition art toys and apparel.

This season Snog will be offering three limited edition designs: Mini Trikky 4 inch White Edition, Mini Munny 4 inch Glow in the Dark Edition, and Mini Munny 4 inch Multicolour Edition.

Snog limited edition Kidrobot art toys are available in all UK Snog shops for £11.25.

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that is a work of art.

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Custom Munnys Marigold Kali & La Rosa Muerta by Adam Greeley


Daily Geekstomization: Kick-Ass and Hawt Girl

By KidNotorious on deviantART. Never heard of Hawt Girl before, and that’s because she’s the mascot for the Las Vegas comic shop Comic Oasis.

Check out the Daily Geekstomization Archives for more geeky custom toys!


Awesome posters by Mark ArminskiMunny by Kill Taupe. 


Lucky Strike MechaSuits by Rohby

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Dope Munny at Kidrobot Ape with brains


Dunny and Munny Customs by BurunDanga

Some of these will be available at their shop soon.

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